2012 Year in Review

This past year has been an exciting one for the Philadelphia chapter of Emerging Museum Professionals. Philly EMP has been able to accomplish a great deal in its first full year! From meet ups to events, happy hours to panel discussions, we have done a little bit of everything.

Panelists at the What Happens Next forum

Philly EMP started 2012 with Museum Council’s University Night to introduce ourselves to other EMPs in the area. In May, we hosted a panel discussion called P.S. What Happens Next? Hosted at the Athenaeum, this forum gave young professionals and students the chance to engage with a panel of five experienced museum professionals. Museums represented on the panel included The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Glen Foerd on the Delaware, and the Museum of Elfreth’s Alley.

Following the success of the forum, we hosted a couple of informal happy hours at Triumph Brewing Company and Kite & Key. Professionals from museums all across Philadelphia joined us for drinks and conversation. These happy hours have been so popular in the past that we have decided to add one more to the 2012 calendar, so join us after work on Thursday, December 6th at Cherry Street Tavern in the Parkway Museum District for our last happy hour of the year.

You may have also seen Philly EMP represented at events such as the University of the Arts Museum Match Night, Museum Council’s Visitor Services Symposium and Oktoberfest events, and Elfreth’s Alley’s Annual Holiday Clean Up. As busy as we have been throughout 2012, expect to see a lot more out of us in 2013.

Attendees of Museum Council’s Oktoberfest playing our Human Bingo game

We will kick off 2013 with our January Jump Start at the Fleischer Art Memorial on Thursday, January 10th. This event is all about you and what you want from us over the next year. We have already heard some great ideas from you at past events, and we look forward to hearing more come January.

For more information on Philly EMP, shoot us an email at phillyemp@gmail.com.


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