A Reading From: Know Your Own Bone

As a younger professional, it is worthwhile to keep up on the latest and greatest ideas in the ever-evolving world of museums. There are a number of great, free resources online that we here at Philly EMP use ourselves and would like to share with you. One such resource is Colleen Dilen Schneider’s blog Know Your Own Bone.

Know Your Own Bone (KYOB) is a blog that focuses on helping museums connect with their audiences, particularly younger audiences. Last year Schneider wrote an article on how to engage those younger audiences (AKA “Millenials”) with eight tips ranging from how to market to millenials to how to present your collection. I found portions of this article to be helpful, particularly for a small museum, and thought it would be a good one to share.

The Article

Last week, Tina Wells wrote an article titled, Top 10 Generation Y Trends for 2012. Her predictions draw upon topics that research has already discovered to be true of Generation Y: our public service motivation, social connectedness, and technological savvy, to name a few. And thankfully, she graciously leaves out some of our more… well… negative qualities identified in the workplace and beyond.   Her article provides insight to logical next-steps for how organizations can best connect with Millennials in 2012. Actually, nearly all of these things were even true throughout 2011.  Here’s How Tina’s predictions translate to the ZAM (zoo, aquarium, museum) and greater nonprofit world.  If organizations can move forward in these arenas, 2012 Just might be the year for Millennials and museums. (Continue…)


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