A Reading From: Museum Studies at Tufts University

As a younger professional, it is worthwhile to keep up on the latest and greatest ideas in the ever-evolving world of museums. There are a number of great, free resources online that we here at Philly EMP use ourselves and would like to share with you. One such resource is the Tufts University Museum Studies blog.

The Tufts Museum Studies blog is a fantastic resource for students and professionals alike. Of particular interest to EMPs in the Greater Philadelphia region is a regular column by Madeline Karp, Dispatches from the Mid-Atlantic. In this particular column, Karp interviewed a new manager about adjusting to a new position and a new institution. That manager was me.

As mentioned previously, one of my pet projects this year is working to bridge the gap between front of house and back of house staff. In the interview, I discuss how refreshing it is to be a part of an organization that is eager to work on that issue. I also go into detail about an interesting way to get to know your staff as a new manager.

The Article

Welcome to Dispatches from the Mid-Atlantic’s new series Meet the Museum! where we interview museum professionals in the Mid-Atlantic region to get a feel for who they are and what they’re up to.

Today, we’re talking to the Please Touch Museum’s new Manager of Visitor Services, Patrick Wittwer.



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