Museum Moment #1

Working in the museum field comes with some fantastic “war stories.” From the outlandish to the outstanding, this feature aims to highlights unforgettable Museum Moments.

Freedom Rising

Freedom Rising

“The  National Constitution Center had been on my list of must-see museums ever since I could remember. When I first moved to Philadelphia, I made my way over and was blown away not only by the historical richness of its exhibits, but how the material was presented as it allowed visitors to make relevant connections between the past, present, and future. Although there is plenty to see, the Freedom Rising theatrical performance resonated the most with me. It was short and sweet, but packed a punch and I was left with a renewed sense of pride in our country as well as the field of history, a career path I have been lucky enough to pursue as both a classroom teacher and museum educator.”

– Christine Schoonmaker, Educator/Visitor Services Representative at the National Liberty Museum

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