Why We Love Philly

Philadelphia is a fantastic city, particularly for those of use in the museum field. There is certainly no shortage of reasons to love the City of Brotherly Love, and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we thought we would share just a few.

The Cultural Community

It’s good to be in the museum field in Philly. With stellar museum masters programs at University of the Arts and Drexel University feeding a bevy of world-class institutions, Philadelphia is the place to be for a museum professional. There is no shortage of opportunities for EMPs to get their footing and start their careers in the City of Brotherly Love.

Septa’s Route 38 Bus

Septa Route 38 – The Museum Bus

Septa‘s route 38 bus is an unheralded hero in the Philly museum community. The route begins in Old City, in the shadow of the National Constitution Center. From there, a ride on the 38 takes you within blocks of Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the Academy of Natural Sciences, the Franklin Institute, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Mutter Museum, the Barnes Foundation, the Philadelphia Zoo, and Please Touch Museum. Honorable mention goes to the 48 route, with stops near the Museum of Elfreth’s Alley, the Betsy Ross House, the African American Museum of Philadelphia, and Eastern State Penitentiary.

Museum Movie Magic

Museums always seem to find their way into films and television shows that are shot in Philly. The obvious example is the iconic Rocky training montage which culminates with the titular character triumphantly scaling the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The Franklin Institute featured prominently in National Treasure and the National Constitution Center was the focus of an historic White House conversation in The West Wing. The next time you happen upon a film or show shot in Philly, keep an eye out for one of our stellar cultural institutions in the scene!

Variety is the Spice of Life

Plenty of cities have their art institutions, science centers, zoos, and children’s museums, and Philadelphia is no exception. What makes the cultural community so great in Philly is its diversity. Philadelphia is home to the Mutter Museum, featuring one of the most macabre and interesting collections on display in the city. We also have the Wagner Free Institute of Science, a gem just off of Temple University’s campus that everyone should enjoy. Book nerds and history buffs are able to enjoy the treasures at the Library Company of Philadelphia and the Rosenbach Museum. We even have Pizza Brain, a museum dedicated to pizza! Whatever your interest may be, Philadelphia has a museum for it.


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