Museum Moment #4

Working in the museum field comes with some fantastic “war stories.” From the outlandish to the outstanding, this feature aims to highlights unforgettable Museum Moments.

“I got to take my my niece on her very first museum visit when she was one year old to the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Even at her age she had so much fun looking at the stuffed animals and dioramas. It was so interesting watching her reactions and seeing her eyes grow wide seeing things for the very first time. She fell in love with this roaring tiger and because of her innocence had no fear, but rather thought it was laughing. ”

“AMNH has a very special place in my heart. My brother-in-law asked my sister out when they were on an eighth grade field trip there. He asked her out in front of the elephants in the Hall of African Mammals at 14 and they’ve been together ever since. It was such a joy to take a picture of the two of them holding their daughter in the same spot so many years later.”

– Amy Hussey, Registrar at Delaware Art Museum

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