Museum Spotlight: Wells Fargo History Museum of Philadelphia

EMP Steven Greenstein giving a tour of the Fidelity Building

Museum: Wells Fargo History Museum of Philadelphia

Founded: September 2011

Mission: The primary purpose of the Wells Fargo History Museum is to preserve and interpret Wells Fargo’s historical heritage through research, collections, education, and exhibitions. The Philadelphia museum is one of 11 across the United States.

Known For: An authentic city stage coach from the mid-19th Century

Popular Programs: Tours of the historic beaux-arts style Fidelity Buiding

Memorable Moment: A stage coach parade down Broad Street to celebrate the return of Wells Fargo to Philadelphia

Fun Fact: Sitting shotgun comes from the shotgun messenger who would ride next to the driver of a Wells Fargo Concord Stage Coach and guard the treasure box beneath the seat

Future Plans: Partner programs with local museums, an exhibit celebrating the history of MAC Machines, a highly-interactive photo booth exhibit

Philly EMP Pro Tip: The museum is free, and has a surprising amount of local and national history to compliment the corporate culture


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