Postcard Portfolio: San Diego Model Railroad Museum

A popular topic of discussion among EMPs is out of town museum experiences. Museum professionals seem to enjoy visiting museums in other parts of the world and dissecting their experience. It seemed logical that, as we traverse the globe, we share our museum experiences with you. Each addition to our Postcard Portfolio will provide a brief snapshot of our exhibit as we see the world one museum at a time.

pcportfolioThe Museum: San Diego Model Railroad Museum in San Diego, CA

The Visit: Friday, May 2, 2014

The Best Thing: Heaven for train nerds.

The Worst Thing: Probably not that exciting if you don’t like trains or toys.

Why You Should Go: The level of detail that the volunteers put into the displays is impressive.


  • All of the displays are designed and constructed by a rotating corps of volunteers
  • Several different landscapes represented
  • Local transit history is carefully weaved into the experience
  • Um, giant model train displays. Duh.

A streetcar zooms up the street in this city scape

A freight train trudges by a busy highway

Historic posters advertising where one could travel from San Diego via Southern Pacific


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