Postcard Portfolio: San Diego Museum of Man

A popular topic of discussion among EMPs is out of town museum experiences. Museum professionals seem to enjoy visiting museums in other parts of the world and dissecting their experience. It seemed logical that, as we traverse the globe, we share our museum experiences with you. Each addition to our Postcard Portfolio will provide a brief snapshot of our exhibit as we see the world one museum at a time.

pcportfolioThe Museum: San Diego Museum of Man in San Diego, CA

The Visit: Friday, May 2, 2014

The Best Thing: It’s location and it’s potential. The Museum of Man is located in one of the nicest buildings in Balboa Park, and that’s no small feat as the buildings are all fairly stunning. The exhibits that were advertised seemed interesting and that’s what drew me in.

The Worst Thing: Lack of follow through. The exhibits are fairly small and basic. Given the space, a lot more could have been done. I did skip out on their traveling exhibit, which could have made the visit more worthwhile.

Why You Should Go: To enjoy the architecture, this is one of the nicest buildings in Balboa Park, and that’s saying something. And should you find yourself in San Diego at the end of this month, they’re having a special celebration on May 29 to welcome World Cup season.


  • There’s a cool little beer exhibit
  • An exhibit on empowering women
  • An elevated, outdoor walkway connecting two sections of the museum has a nice view of the park

No matter the language, beer is always good

These Mayan pillars were covered in great little carvings

The stunning entrance to the Museum of Man


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