A Reading From: Idealist

Many museum professionals in my network who have worked closely with leadership or their board of directors have expressed frustrations with their organization’s direction, lack of imagination, and/or hesitation to move forward at anything beyond a snail’s pace. These frustrations have never been better-stated than in this interview with Robert Egger. Egger discusses how many in leadership roles within the nonprofit community are quite adept at discussing issues in meetings, but shrink away from action and are risk-adverse when it comes time to actually handle an issue. Egger also goes on to discuss mistakes he’s made in his career, and how those mistakes have shaped his subsequent work. As you read this interview, apply Egger’s comments to your own organization/career. Is your leadership more dynamic or static? Do you feel as though your voice is heard within your organization? As an EMP, do you see yourself in a leadership role in the future? How have your mistakes altered your career path? As always, your feedback is welcome both in the comments below or through email at phillyemp[at]gmail[dot]com.

The Article

When I think about flipping the nonprofit sector on its head, I think about Robert Egger.

He is a long-time rebel rouser in the best way possible; a no-nonsense leader that pushes us all to think of the sector and its capabilities in a different way. I’ve been following Robert’s work ever since I read his book Begging for Change in 2004, where he talks about the ineffectiveness of the nonprofit sector and challenges the nonprofit sector to reform and innovate.



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