Public History Boot Camp: Pinterest for History Organizations

MARCH is offering a workshop on how history organizations can use Pinterest on June 30. Please distribute widely:

Public History Boot Camp: Pinterest for History Organizations

Pinterest has 25 million users and is the fastest growing social media platform. It drives more traffic to websites than Twitter and Reddit, second only to Facebook.

But how can your history organization use Pinterest?

In this workshop, Michelle Moravec, Rosemont College, will guide attendees into the world of Pinterest. You’ll learn the basics–from pinning content to creating boards, and more advanced topics like geotagging. But more than that, you’ll learn how to connect your local historic site, museum, or historical society to the wider public via Pinterest, the 3rd largest social media platform on the Internet.

You’ll be given hands-on experience loading content into Pinterest as well as tools to think creatively about how to use Pinterest for outreach and education, to engage visitors, and to enhance tours, exhibits, and public programs.

When: June 30, 2014
Where: Rutgers University-Camden
Registration is $15 plus a small service fee. There are limited spots available and preference will be given to small-to-medium sized history organizations. Learn more and register at:


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