Postcard Portfolio: The Exploratorium

A popular topic of discussion among EMPs is out of town museum experiences. Museum professionals seem to enjoy visiting museums in other parts of the world and dissecting their experience. It seemed logical that, as we traverse the globe, we share our museum experiences with you. Each addition to our Postcard Portfolio will provide a brief snapshot of our exhibit as we see the world one museum at a time.

pcportfolioThe Museum: The Exploratorium in San Francisco, CA

The Visit: Friday, June 20, 2014

The Best Thing: Science is really everywhere in this building, no wasted space

The Worst Thing: You would have to take two days to truly enjoy the entire museum

Why You Should Go: So much to do and the science is presented in a variety of ways


  • The Tinkering Studio
  • A giant Spirograph-type interactive
  • A cultural piece featuring men of color asking each other probing questions and giving frank answers
  • The Love Shack
  • Everything is an exhibit, including utilities and the exhibit workshop
Tinkering Away

Visitors working with robotics in the Tinkering Studio


Explainers helping a visitor with her spiral art


Answers and Explainers are readily available

Exhibitry in Action

The Exhibit Development Shop is an exhibit. Genius.



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