Tour Guide at Laurel Hill Cemetery

Volunteering is a great way to get a foot in the door at a museum. Many museums look to their volunteers when a new paid position opens up. In addition to museums, Philadelphia is home to a number of excellent mission-driven organizations that would look great on your resume. One such organization is Laurel Hill Cemetery. Below is the email blast Laurel Hill sent out to recruit new volunteers ahead of their busy fall season:

The Fall season is upon us!

Why not consider donating your time to the liveliest cemetery in town?

September and October are particularly hectic times for programming here at Laurel Hill Cemetery. Visitors are always looking for spooky and unique activities to do during the Halloween season. Our event schedule is packed with fun and exciting family programming, but we cannot do them without YOU.   By clicking on the link above, you can view the individual sign up pages for our September/October events. Each page will include the details of the event and the tasks we need help with.  NEW ,for this round of sign ups, you are able to choose which task you would like to do and we will do all we can to accommodate this request.

Keep an eye out, there will be the link for the sign up pages in the weekly newsletters for the following months.

We hope to be able to count on your support during our busiest time of the year! There will be special TREATS for volunteers to events…no tricks, we promise!

Sign up here!

Some events this fall…

– Graveyard Cabaret
– Cinema in the Cemetery
– The Dead Milkmen in Concert
– Kid’s Concert and Family Fun
– Murder Mystery
– RIP 5K
– Haunted Halloween History Tours
– Ghost Tales


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