Meet an EMP: Katelyn Sullivan

ksYears in Museum Field: 6

Degrees/Certificates: Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Temple University

Current Occupation: Executive Assistant/Curriculum Coordinator at the Franklin Institute

Previous Museum Experience: I was a museum educator for many years during college. In this position I led various educational workshops to school groups, assisted with curriculum for summer camp, and educated museum visitors on the floor.

Other Relevant Work Experience: I was an instructor at an outdoor science school in California. Similar to working at The Franklin Institute, my job was to educate and inspire various school groups who attended the school for weeks at a time. I led students on hikes and taught a wide range of topics including astronomy, orienteering, and watershed.

How does your current position fit into your career plan? My goal is to go back to school to further my understanding and knowledge of the environment, which will assist in my ability to present and educate students and families who visit science museums. My current position gives me the opportunity to collaborate with all departments in the museum, at an extremely low level which is very exciting. I have really begun figuring out what aspects I enjoy about museum work. I have worked closely with our environmental scientist, which has really helped to direct my career path.

What museum organizations do you belong to? Philly EMP, ASTC

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you began in this profession? It’s not what you know, rather who you know.

What do you enjoy most about your position? I have my hands in a few important and exciting projects. My current position gives me the opportunity to truly understand what it takes to run a museum, like The Franklin Institute.

What is it that keeps you engaged at work? As a result of working for the current President and CEO, I am privileged enough to be a part of the important conversations surrounding major topics of the museum. They have taken advantage of my background in education and often involve that knowledge during trustee meetings.

Katelyn started working at the Franklin Institute as a birthday party assistant through the work study program at Temple University. From there she was offered the opportunity of becoming a museum educator and camp counselor. When Katelyn made the decision to move to California, her bosses supported her decision and asked that she learn as much as she could, to assist in her ability to take over and lead the Valley Forge sector of camp. When summer ended her bosses suggested that Katelyn apply for the job to assist the Vice President of Finance and the Chief Operating Officer, to further assist her exploration of the museum. As Katelyn moved into the new position, she was offered the job to write and oversee the curriculum and staff that led camp at Valley Forge. The Chief Operating Officer was promoted to President and CEO and as a result, Katelyn’s job is in the process of changing and she is excited about the future projects on which she will assist. Katelyn’s favorite museum outside of Philadelphia is the Pacific Marine Mammal Center.

Fun Fact: When not working at the museum, Katelyn can usually be found surfing.


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