Postcard Portfolio: Hunter Museum of American Art

A popular topic of discussion among EMPs is out of town museum experiences. Museum professionals seem to enjoy visiting museums in other parts of the world and dissecting their experience. It seemed logical that, as we traverse the globe, we share our museum experiences with you. Each addition to our Postcard Portfolio will provide a brief snapshot of our exhibit as we see the world one museum at a time.

pcportfolioThe Museum: Hunter Museum of American Art in Chattanooga, TN

The Visit: Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Best Thing: The amount of participatory experiences spread throughout the museum. There were so many opportunities for guests to share art, stories, and interpret artwork.

The Worst Thing: A lack of historical interpretation. I would have liked to learn more about the mansion that makes up a large portion of the museum. To be fair, I only got to the museum an hour before closing and could have missed this information.

Why You Should Go: To experience the many ways in which a guest can interact with an art museum. In particular, a painting of a girl in a school uniform titled “The Babysitter” featured a prompt next to it directing guests to imagine that the painting was a movie poster, and to give it a tagline based on their interpretation of the piece.


  • Fantastic interactive experiences
  • Stunning view of Chattanooga and the Tennessee River
  • Accommodating and friendly staff
  • Sculpture garden leading to the museum entrance

Just one of the many sculptures leading up to the museum entrance

A great example of a participatory experience: visitor-generated art on display

This painting featured a prompt that encouraged guests to imagine it as a movie poster and develop their own tagline. A notebook next to the piece featured a variety of visitor-generated ideas.


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