Postcard Portfolio: Ryman Auditorium

A popular topic of discussion among EMPs is out of town museum experiences. Museum professionals seem to enjoy visiting museums in other parts of the world and dissecting their experience. It seemed logical that, as we traverse the globe, we share our museum experiences with you. Each addition to our Postcard Portfolio will provide a brief snapshot of our exhibit as we see the world one museum at a time.

pcportfolioThe Museum: Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN

The Visit: Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Best Thing: The documentary that precedes the tour. It gave perspective to the history and aura of the building.

The Worst Thing: The exhibits were pretty basic, but this isn’t actually a museum, so they get a free pass.

Why You Should Go: To gain an appreciation for the history of the venue and to see a live show!


  • Artifacts collected from performers over the years
  • The aforementioned documentary
  • Collection of event posters
  • Finding out that while writing an article about the Grand Ole Opry, Garrison Keillor was inspired to create A Prairie Home Companion

This display shared the restoration process, in particular the way in which layers of paint were studied to provide historic accuracy

A look down at the historic stage from the last row of the balcony

Exhibits line the rear of the auditorium, lit partially from the stained glass windows


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