Press Release: N3RD St. Prom

8:00 PM — 11:30 PM
You are cordially invited to Forever Young – a tribute to the 1980s, and the first ever N3RD Street Prom.
Remember finally going to your own prom and realizing, “this isn’t like prom in the movies”? We remember. That’s why we’re throwing the quintessential 80s movie prom.
Every prom is memorable, though not for the same reasons. Whether you’re replacing a bad memory or adding to your good ones, this is your chance to give yourself a prom re-do.
Also, it’s fun as hell to dress fancy for basically no reason.
The punch is already spiked, and you don’t have a curfew so head to the Painted Bride for one last dance before summer.
Dress code: 1980s formal! Need a reminder of what 80s fashion looks like? Rat your hair, throw on something stonewashed, and if you have a powder blue tux, this is your time to shine.
  • 80s prom photobooth
  • 80s DJ
  • (80s) lasers (?)
  • 80s-themed drinks
  • 80s good/bad decorations
  • 80s projections


Painted Bride Art Center brings together artists, audiences and communities to push the boundaries of how we create and experience art. We cultivate an environment for critical dialog and playful exchange to transform lives and communities.
Painted Bride does awesome stuff like this ALL the time. Find out more here:


We are a community of people who choose to work together, more productively, to make our work, our lives, our cities and communities better.
Indy Hall’s community is the intersection of designers, developers, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, educators, small business owners, telecommuters, marketers, videographers, game developers, and more.
The only thing we’re missing is you.

About N3RD ST:

N3rd Street is a community of civic leaders, organizations, and companies in the North 3rd Street corridor who believe in collaborating to make a difference. Together, we utilize our unique talents and passions to improve our community for businesses and citizens. N3rd Street is a melting pot of industries and interests, including but not limited to design nerds, art nerds, fashion nerds, technology nerds, startup nerds, food nerds, sustainability nerds, science nerds, game nerds, history nerds, and a whole lot more. The N3rd Street community crosses neighborhood and council district boundaries – stretching through Old City and Northern Liberties. More importantly, N3rd Street doesn’t have fixed boundaries: it’s an identity and a set of values that we share, even more than is a physical place on a map.



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