Ted Talk of the Month: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

TED Talks are a fantastic resource for younger professionals. With a litany of topics to choose from, one can find a talk to suit almost any need. Each month, a TED Talk relating to professional development, museums, education, art, or personal development will be posted on phillyemp.com along with a bit of commentary. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions in the comment section below or through email at phillyemp[at]gmail.com. This month’s TED Talks and the accompanying article will take up 25-30 minutes of your time.

This particular talk deviates from more museum-centric talks we have shared in the past, but it offers advice that is applicable in day to day life. While it may seem silly, the posture changes recommended by Amy Cuddy truly alter one’s confidence and aura. Perhaps the most effective way to implement the tips offered in this chat would be prior to a job interview. Any way that one can boost their confidence just before an important meeting or an interview can go along way in adding to the overall presentation.

For the EMPs currently working an office job, pay attention to the seated posture suggestions. Sitting for eight hours is unnatural, and our bodies do not respond well to this level of inaction. By adjusting your posture and getting up and moving around, one is able to feel more energized, be more productive, and save themselves some back issues further on down the road.

To view Cuddy’s talk on body language and to read the accompanying New York Times article, click here.


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