Museum Council Annual Fall Event

Museum Council Annual Fall Event

The Powel House (PhilaLandmarks)

Thursday, November 12, 2015

6:00-9:00 p.m.

With guest speaker: Justina Barrett

Site Manager for Historic Houses and Museum Educator for American Art for the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Many museums and historic sites in the Philadelphia region have been open to the public for decades, even centuries. As such, their curatorial and interpretive perspective has changed, often subtly, at different points. Who decides what stories get told, what exhibits are mounted, what content labels relay? As the Powel House on Third Street and Mount Pleasant in Fairmount Park celebrate their 250th birthdays, Justina will discuss briefly how these historic house museums have uncovered some of those forgotten historical narratives. She will also look at how any museum staff member can understand her current institution through stories from the past and likewise find inspiration to delve into institutional stories yet to uncover.

**Please note that tickets will NOT be available at the door, unless we do not sell out online – please register online for this event..You can pay in person if you wish.**

Click here for tickets


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