A Reading From: Korbett Moseley

Diversifying the work force has become a hot topic recently (finally) in the museum field. Conversations at conferences and meet ups inevitably will touch upon this subject, often with someone in the conversation throwing up their hands and exclaiming “Well, what can we do?” For starters, you can read this post from Korbett Moseley and view it as a Not-To-Do List.

In this list, Moseley highlights ten things that many nonprofits are guilty of doing as they hire and develop staff. Moseley’s goal is to steer institutions away from these bad habits and toward, as he puts it, “intentional allyship.” I would suggest taking this a step further, and as we expand diversity to include gender, background, socio-economic status we do this without taking any focus off of the issues pertaining to racial and ethnic diversity.

Take a look at the list, and share your thoughts. Is your institution guilty of some of these actions? What is your institution doing to try and embrace and embody diversity?


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