Job Squad: Museum Assistant at the Wells Fargo History Museum


Museum Council University Night at the Wells Fargo History Museum, February 2017

The Wells Fargo History Museum in Center City is hiring a part-time Museum Assistant. The position is for 16 hours a week, preferably scheduled as two full work days (Monday and Friday). The salary range is between $11 and $13 per hour. Interviews will be conducted with Museum Manager Patrick Wittwer and Museum Curator Mandi Magnuson-Hung. Candidates should have a passion for history and/or museums, experience working with the public, and a strong ability to work as a part of a team.

This position is an opportunity to supplement your existing museum job with a part-time role that can help build your portfolio. Small museums usually look to staff to wear many hats, thus giving you a chance to learn and develop over your time in the role.

To apply, please visit the Wells Fargo career site and search for the position using the requisition number 5336468.


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