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Philadelphia Emerging Museum Professionals encourages museum/arts and culture professionals of all experience levels to submit content to be featured on the Philly EMP Blog. Please consider the following guidelines when submitting content:

Blog Content

  • All content must be related to the museum/arts and culture sector
  • Preference given to content related to career advancement/advice
  • All content will be edited/proofread by the EMP committee
  • We strongly encourage writers to include images

Job Listings

  • Paid positions only
    • Unpaid internships are only available to those who can afford to work for free, and disqualify many people without the means from getting experience in our field.
  • Must include an accurate salary range
    • The job hunt is time-consuming and expensive for both the employer and prospective employee. Posting an accurate salary range will help both sides avoid wasting time on jobs/candidates they cannot afford.
  • Must include the name and title of the person to whom candidates should address applications
    • This avoids any confusion for candidates submitting applications, resumes, and cover letters.
  • Must include interview format (group, panel, one-on-one, etc.)
    • This allows candidates to better prepare for an interview and reduce the stress of the unknown.
  • We strongly encourage you to accept relevant experience alongside any degree requirements
    • Degree requirements exclude those who were unable to obtain a degree for financial reasons but instead worked in related fields. Job requirements should not have barriers to those who chose/needed to work instead of pursuing higher education.
  • Must include a breakdown of the hiring process from application to training
    • This offers candidates a clear picture of what to expect and give them a better understanding of your timeline


  • The following announcements will be considered for inclusion on the blog:
    • Professional Development/Networking
    • Calls For Proposals
    • Exhibit Openings
    • Programs/Events

All submissions should be sent to